1 We are a diving center with a regular permit, and diving center Dan insurance.
2 we are present in scuba diving industry since 1998 ad in Sharm el Sheikh since 2003.
We collaborate with some of the biggest International Tour Operators working in Sharm, such as Phone & Go, Flash Tour, Bright Sky, Anex Tour, Hotel4you; and in Italy with Nosytour.
3 we don’t rely on any resort, so we can offer our services even though you stay in other hotels.
4 we work with our own boats
5 apart from the owner, we have a very highly professional staff with more than 10.00o dives.

Valentina Nanfria

Having an instructor working as a counter is very important in a diving center. Having an instructor
trainer is really rare, and, at the same time, it offers you a biggest knowledge concerning the organization.

To hold her on to! ( she is the boss!!!)

Abdu Tahaabdu

He gathers all the experience and the secrets in ten years of work, before in Sprindiving and now with us. He is already famous for seeing the “impossible” underwater and he remains one of our strengths, particularly with the Italian divers.

Mohammed Roky

He is the handsome one of the group, with a body of a Greek statue.
Very popular with the female customers, he is able to take diving the most scared girls!
The only Padi instructor in the group, he teaches mainly in English and Russian

Mahmout Alimahmout

Arrived on the sly from another diving center, we have immediately appreciated his good nature and manner.
Quite unlucky because he has an Italian wife, he speaks of course Italian, Russian and English.
Apart of the too frequent use of the shaker, that tempt often our customers to suppress him, he is a regular presence for our Italian customers.

Mohammed RagabFB_IMG_1435813845325_resized

In 2005 he used to refill tanks, take care of the equipment and arrange diving bags for the next day.
His passion for the sea, led him to invest all his income to become divemaster.
And now he is one of the most trustworthy dive guide of our group.
Then in 2015 he became instructor, achieving finally his dream!


haithamA rock that never breaks! He can dive 4/5 times per day and be always available.
And when he will stop nail biting, you will see him on the boat!!! At the moment, you can meet him a the Royal Grand Sharm D.C., conducting check dives for just arrived divers and doing introductory dives for those guests that prefer remain on the beach instead of going on the boat.

Karam Capitano Lady Natali

O Captain, my captain!!!!
If we could have many others like him!
After I sold Nausicaa and left Magdi and Mahmoud, I thought I would not been able to find another captain so experienced. And here he is!


Then that’s him!    Scubadreamer’s Owner.
He is still diving, guiding and teaching and you can see him more often on the boat than in the office.

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