Dear guests, you are not obliged to choose us for your dives, anyway we would like to give you some information very useful, both for choosing a diving center in Sharm el Sheikh and for your stay.

It’s very important to ask always for the location of the resort before you book it. Many brochures write “on the sea”, while, in reality, the resorts are on second line, and to go to the beach you need a shuttle bus.
This service starts at 09.30 and finishes at 16.00. it’s like to catch a train. When it’s gone, it’s gone and you risk to spend, for instance, the morning on the beach, or to make long walks, always uphill, to go back to the hotel.
Pay attention also to hotels quite far from the main road. To move by taxi, they even ask 20 Euros to reach Nama Bay or Old Sharm, and if you don’t want to use the shuttle bus, always with fixed schedule, visiting Sharm can become expensive.

                                                                                 DIVING CENTERS
Not everything that you see on Internet of Facebook is the truth.
Before booking, always check the CDWS website (www. ) if the diving center has a licence.
Check also the prices, but please don’t be attracted by the lowest ones. Consider that 30 Euro is the minimum that you can spend, lower than this, it can be risky.

                                                                           DIVING GUIDES
Seeing sharks, turtles or mantas it’s just being lucky!
The difference is done it by briefings, choosing the right dive site according to the weather condition to guarantee safety.
Doesn’t matter the dive guides nationalities, be sure that they own a DAN insurance and the official Egyptian authorization to work.

Most divers come with their own equipment.
But check if it’s convenient, due to excessive weights, or travelling with the wet equipment at the end of the holiday…
We normally rent a full equipment at 30 Euro per week and in low season or during some promotion at 20 euro per week.
But you need to be sure of the integrity of it. Each BCD or regulator has a documentation proving the maintenance, so ask to see this.
If you consider that you are going to spend around 6 hours on the boat, during a full day, excluding the time underwater, have a look at the boats the diving centers are using, and try to choose the ones with more comforts, such as the wireless for instance.

For any question or information, please send an email at

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